Scarab changes the way you see your world Knowledge is security Can you see the danger? Scarab goes where you go Scarab has the most sensors of any wearable

How does it work?

Scarab changes the way you see your world—the way it really is.

Scarab is a wearable sensor platform. We want to create a new digital nervous system for us all. Scarab is part of a virtuous circle that includes mobile apps on your smartphone, a web mapping service, such as Google Maps, and a community of users. Scarab will be easy to set up and use. Just download the app, attach a Scarab to your bike, purse or backpack, and go!

Scarab's Sensors See The World That You Can't

We are surrounded by an invisible topography of potentially dangerous gases, electromagnetic waves and radiation. Because we can't see them, we don't give them much thought. Now, with Scarab, you will be able to see, avoid and share information about dangerous areas with others in the Scarab community.

What onboard sensors does one Scarab have?

  1. Ambient Light sensor
  2. UV Index sensor
  3. Gamma detector
  4. Thermometer
  5. Relative Humidity sensor
  6. Noise Level detection circuit
  7. Digital Output Barometer
  8. Gyroscope
  9. 3D Magnetometer
  10. 3D Accelerometer
  11. GPS Module
  12. Three axis magnetic field sensor
  13. Liquid Petroleum Gas detector
  14. Carbon Monoxide detector
  15. Ozone detector
  16. Nitrogen Dioxide detector

Scarab + Your Phone = Peace of Mind

A robust processor in the device collates the sensors' impressions and sends them to the Scarab mobile app on your smartphone via Bluetooth LE in order to be analyzed. If any of the sensors detects abnormal readings, the Scarab app will notify you immediately.

The Scarab app will collect your sensor data readings over time and will notify you of any dangers from long term buildup of exposure to dangers like UV.

On the app, you'll be able to see where you travelled on a map and the readings that Scarab recorded. Avoiding potential high danger areas is now super simple.

Build the Community That Protects Us All

Via your smartphone, Scarab will send its real time data to the cloud for further analysis and visualization. Secure and anonymized, your data will mix with all other Scarab users to give the entire community a richer understanding of the invisible hazards on your street, in your city and around the world.

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About Amulet Corp

Amulet Corp is the innovative startup leading the multi-sensor based wearables revolution. Our team's goal is to gather and analyze data that was previously unavailable, and to build a new digital nervous system at the intersection of the forces of mobile, social, cloud, big data, and local.

Our mission is to increase humanity's cognizance of the real world in real time.

Amulet Corp's first product is Scarab, a mobile multi-sensor wearable that monitors the environment around you and gives you the information you need to protect yourself from invisible health threats like UV, carbon monoxide and radiation. Whether you are concerned about wellness, exploration, safety or personal metrics, Scarab is the only wearable product that informs you of eight possible threats.

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Knowledge is security Knowledge is security Can you see the danger? Scarab goes where you go Scarab has the most sensors of any wearable